Here you can read some of the awesome reviews my valued customers have left me. Be sure to share your experience with my products.


I have wanted a black jade dragon ring for a very long time. I asked Maggie if would custom make me one and my god I could not be happier! It is absolutely stunning and the perfect fit! Everything I wanted and more. She does amazing craftsmanship and I will definitely be back for more for myself and others! Thank you so much for being such a great artist!

Tori Wilson

Gorgeous, well-made and creative jewelry!

I appreciate the fast and friendly service as well! Many thanks! 🙂

Laurinda Cook-Bailey

eye of wisdom

Hi Maggie this is Jerry just a few words about my ring i was 19 yrs old when i first incountered a ring with the eye of wisdom thats how it felt to me i wore that ring always an the one day i was concerned about loosing it it got taken out of my truck that was 34 yrs ago every corner i turned i was searching for my ring well thanks to you my search is over its not the same design but to look into the eye gives me the connection that i felt when i had my first one i love the structure of this one thank you so much an you can bet therell be more inquiries on your rings an etc

The ring is superb, fine, delicate and deep ... Thank you for your work. A unique piece as( like?) I dreamed. thanks thanks thanks. I am so moved!...I have been dreaming about a ring Like that for a long Time. It was a poetic adventure that made a long trip to fit my finger perfectly...
Thanks a lot


Received my eye ring today and I love it. I have several eye rings but this one is my favorite. The eye is the most realistic one I have in my collection. Maggie was great to work with and I received my ring very quickly.

Shelley Milburn

The best ring!

Years ago my father gave me a vintage silver eye ring as a gift. I loved it and it always meant a lot to me. After it was stolen, I searched to find another one like it, but I think these rings are as hard to come by as they are to keep in your possession. I was so happy to eventually find Maggie's website and read about others who were able to gain something wonderful after losing something they must have cherished. I placed an order for a Two Hands Eye Ring and after receiving it, I've been stunned by its beauty and the impressive talent that Maggie has to have created it. Everyone who has seen it so far seems drawn to the ring and I didn't even have it unboxed at Customs for a few minutes before people were asking questions about it. As soon as I put the ring on I could feel and not just see that Maggie's work is first rate because it's just as comfortable as it is gorgeous and a pleasure to wear. Even my husband is impressed by this ring and he always thought my first one was creepy. Thank you, Maggie, for the care you put into what you make! I've never been happier with a piece of jewelry.

Leilani M

New favorite ring.

I absolutely love my wonderful eyelash ring with the old glass eye from Lauscha. Maggie turned the eye into elegant piece beautifully crafted. Very happy!

Maggie helped make my 25th anniversary special.

Many years ago I purchased a special ring which was 2 hands holding an eye. I have since lost that ring. After scouring the Internet I found similar rings but they were plastic, cats eyes or "evil" eyes. I finally found Freedom Jewelers and contacted Maggie to see if she could duplicate my ring. She responded quickly which I was very pleased with. After multiple correspondences, she not only understood my situation but was able to reproduce my ring so closely I was astonished! This became my wifes gift to me which made our 25th anniversary! I can't thank Maggie enough and would highly recommend Freedom Jewelers for custom jewelry. Sincerely, John.

John Johnson

Couldn't be happier

I stumbled upon Maggie's website after a substantial search online, starting on ebay for a "glass eye ring". I had been searching on and off for a year or so and had never quite found what I was looking for until I found Maggie! Her professionalism, her skill, her artistry, her journey, her care and concern that goes into every piece is one of a kind, just like her jewelry. I have several pieces now- that I cherish. Whenever I wear one of these treasures I receive compliments and questions and I am always happy to rave and refer people to Maggie's website and to etsy where she has a store. I am so grateful to have found Maggie. She is a beautiful person that I have been able to get to know through the process of design and communication...she works tirelessly to perfect her craft and support herself and loved ones and I couldn't be a bigger fan!! With much love, awe and respect - from Ohio, Sarah D.

Sarah Dalby

Small Lion Head Ring

I just received my Small Lion Head Ring. For a small size pinky ring, it has amazing detail. Maggie is an artist and creates very fine pieces. I'll be very proud to wear this piece of art. John U.

John Urciuoli

Magic appears on the Eyelid Ring

Maggie the time you spent getting to know me, finding out exactly what I wanted, was amazing! I am so happy with my ring!
My husband gets me a new wedding set every 5 years. This is our 20th year. The original set (gold) we had engraved with our initials and wedding date. It had a beautiful deep pink stone in the center, with a heart shaped blue stone on each side. I didn't realize till later that the pink was my birthstone and the blue was his!
The next 5 year set was BHG with a larger diamond, We lived in Montana and Black Hills Gold was the thing!!!!
Next, he got me platinum with a huge diamond! I love that set!!! Very renaissance looking!
Now we are here at our 20th year and I chose THIS ring!!! This is why I was trying to match his eye so closely! Then you surprise me with the hidden secret behind the eye and it's my alternate birthstone!!! Maggie I'm pretty sure you have magic!
Thank you for the wonderful ring and great story!
I'll be back! <3 Betty

Betty Johnson

An Heirloom Piece

MAGGIE!!! I just got home from work and received my package from you in the mail. I can seriously say, this ring is absolutely amazing. You have surpassed my expectations completely. I am so pleased with your work and am so happy to have my perfect eye ring. I absolutely adore it. I am over the moon! I have spent years searching for a perfect eyeball ring and I am so happy I never settled. This ring will make a wonderful heirloom- I know it'll last a lot longer than me!!! I even slept with it on last night!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


Sterling Eye Ring Testimonial "to all things lost that can be found"

Omg, I just got it. I love it!!!! It's even prettier than one I had. 1000 thanks!

To tell you my story. I was married for almost 20 years to my daughters father. He was in and out of drug abuse so it was a very disfunctional relationship. I had my hysterectomy, that's when I lost my eye ring, I left him 3 weeks later and moved back to Detroit. I left with nothing besides my car. He turned my daughter against me over the years and she stayed behind with him. It was a very devastating experience. It took me a year to get my head together and after 2 years I moved back to vegas to repair my relationship with my daughter and to get her out of that situation. As we speak today, I've been back in vegas now 4 years and helped her off to college in reno. She just finished her 3rd year in microbiology with a 3.8 and wants to get her PhDs. We are so close after all that chaos and he is still the same and doesn't help with anything. He pawned, sold or won't give back anything I had, even my mothers dowry she gave me is gone. So I had this idea for her birthday and started a bit of a jewelry collection with meaning to give her since I couldn't pass anything down. The title on this eye ring is; to all things lost that can be found.

Thank you very much 🙂


Unique, beautifully crafted, silver pieces, great service

Maggie is among the best at what she does, and that is to create magnificent custom jewelry at great prices. She goes far above and beyond the norm to please her always ecstatic customers. I am the proud owner of seven of her beautiful "prosthetic eyeball" rings and pendants and am satisfied beyond words. She does not simply craft jewelry, she infuses them with the love, power, and wisdom necessary for each lucky individual recipient. Capitalism is not her motivator, it is a true love and understanding of the process, and the ultimate satisfaction and wonder of the customer. This is no ordinary craftswoman. She takes it to another level. Despite several errors I made in sizing, etc., she was quick and efficient in rectifying my mistakes, and making it all right, and then some. She is a true gem herself, and anyone would be very lucky to receive any of her unique items. They are pure silver MAGIK !! Thank you Maggie, from the depths of my Heart and Soul. You go far beyond "customer service, you have not only created all these amazing pieces for me, you have changed me for the better and have become a friend !

Green eye ring

Maggie custom made my ring and I love it! As an overseas buyer you can be confident buying your jewelry here xxx I had a choice in which eye I could have for my ring which was then mounted in a beautiful silver ring x thank you xxxx

Anna ottaway

Eye Pendant

Beautiful eye pendant and chain purchased from freedom jewellery-
Was over the moon with my necklace a high quality one of a kind unique pendant which I will treasure always x extremely speedy international shipping and a pleasure to receive x thank you

Anna ottaway

Sterling Silver Indian Head Ring

Sterling Silver Indian Head Ring, received very very quickly and exactly what I was looking for. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you


Prosthetic Eye Ring

I had the ring on the left since the early 70's and I could never find another one like it until Freedom Jewelry the one on the right just arrived today and I am thrilled! Superb crafting awesome design I love this sterling prosthetic eye ring I always got so many compliments on my old one and now I have this new one thank you so much for making it available fast shipping A+ all around very satisfied 🙂

Gloria Dempsey

Gorgeous Sterling Silver Black Onyx

I have been searching for a black onyx ring with a nice vintage touch! Finally, I found one and I am so in love with it! It's sterling silver so it will last forever and the price was fantastic as well. Overall, it was a wonderful purchase and I am beyond happy! A big thanks to Maggie, who helped me with any questions or concerns that I had. 🙂

Hillary Vernon

Lion Ring sent to France

J'ai reçu ma bague ce matin dans les temps, et je suis enchanté par votre travail! Les details de ma bague lion sont extrêmement bien fait! Je suis admiratif par votre créativité et votre savoir faire. Votre équipe est au top! Malgré mes exigences et la barrière de la langue vous avez réussi à contenter mes souhaits! Je recommande freedomjewelryusa à tout ceux qui veulent une oeuvre d'art unique! Merci à Margaret et à toute son équipe! A bientôt!


I received my ring this morning in time, and I am delighted by your work! The details of my lion ring is extremely well done! I admire your creativity and knowledge . Your team is on top! Despite my requirements and the language barrier you managed to satisfy my wishes! Freedomjewelryusa I recommend it to those who want a unique work of art! Thank you to Margaret and her team ! See you soon!

David houy

I love my ring

I received my prosthetic eye ring today. I could not have been more pleased with it. The care that was taken through the whole process, from ordering, the craftsmanship, and the timely manner in which I received my ring is nothing short of perfect. I highly recommend Freedom Jewelry.

Doug Warner

Durable, Eclectic Jewelry

I purchased one of the prosthetic eye rings after hours of searching for the perfect one online. This was the most amazing one I could find. I have had it for two months, and worn it every day since the day I've received it. I AM INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED. This ring is still so beautiful, and vibrant. I get more compliments on this ring than any other accessory. The customer service was excellent, and the shipping time was lightning speed. I am extremely satisfied.

Carolyn Glee

Oustanding craftsmanship and design

Maggie, designed and handmade a beautiful man's black onyx ring for me. I am ever so proud to wear it and I know it will receive many accolades. I am sure that I will call upon Maggie to design something in the near future. I also know that I got much more than I originally paid. Truly, an amazing piece of jewelry.


Terry D. Edwards

Ring me happy on Guitar Bill's Finger

Maggie Alvidrez is an artist. She created me a remarkable skull ring out of seemingly nothing but grace, willpower, and thirty or so grams of silver. Trust her.

Bill Dickson

Eyes Loving You!

Married for years, our "tiny" rings needed to be replaced. Looking at Maggie's eye rings on the Internet was a fantastic discovery leading to many bad puns "Eye do" & "I've got my eye on you", and then wh(eye) not?! Having Maggie take on our project and then deliver such beautiful, really ART, for our new bands has been fantastic. Her enthusiasm for her eye rings (materials and design) well matches her ability to deliver a high quality product in a timely and cost effective manner. Our experience has been kismet.

Mr. & Ms. Zak Abrams

Lovely Turquoise Ring

I love my ring! The color is just what I'd hoped it would be and the fit is perfect. Maggie was very nice to talk to and showed a genuine interest in making sure I was happy with my jewelry. I am a very happy customer!

Linda Bigbee

Maggie Rocks

I've bought 3 peices of jewelry from Maggie and she truly goes out of her way each and every time to make my experience exceptional. She is kind full of wisdom and so talented. When I first found this site I panicked cause I'm in Canada. Maggie's method of shipping allowed my rings to arrive safe fast with no gouging of shipping cost. Love ya Maggie.

Connie Thompson

Prosthetics Eye Ring in Sterling Silver

I purchased a custom order Prosthetics Eye Ring in Sterling Silver from Freedom Jewellery a few weeks before Xmas. After emailing Maggie about my ring size, the choice came down color of eye. I wanted something realistic yet subtle. And chose an eye darker in color than I really wanted to go.
It was a pleasant surprise to find in the mail on Xmas eve. Initially disappointed with my choice of color as set in into the silver, as it was darker than expected. But a perfect fit all the same. It was not until I wore outside that the colors of eye really shone. Giving it a unique realism, unlike so many other similar rings where the eye is obviously fake, made of plastic or resin. Regardless of how fancy (or tacky) the ring mount is.
Good work Maggie and I appreciated your prompt replies to my questions. Just as a suggestion would it be possible to do a slightly larger version of the ring mount itself. Only to accentuate more of the white of the eye surrounding the pupil, rather than the pupil itself.
But its 5 stars from me to Maggie and Freedom Jewellery for service, quality, design and price.


Custom Sterling Eye Ring

Size 11 Sterling Silver Prosthetic Eye Ring

Thanks Maggie! You're a master craftsman, and this is a work of art, with quite the historical background, too. It fits my finger perfectly, and I couldn't be happier. Definitely would recommend for your jewelry needs, as I too will be shopping with Maggie again in the future. Thanks again!

Corey James Mack

sterling silver blue prosthetic eye sz 11

Oh My GOODNESS if your looking for an awesome silversmith Maggie is your girl!!! My husband had an eye ring many yrs ago and it was stolen and after many urs of looking and wanting another he came across Maggie. Always dreaming of getting another I decided I would get him one for Christmas. It arrived today (3 days which was shorter then promised) and I could not believe the quality and beauty in t his ring. I was so impressed with the ring I could not wait to give it to him so he is now wearing it. The expression on his face when he seen it was truly priceless. Thank you Maggie so much for this ring it is PERFECT in every way and then some. Got to say his other eye ring could not even hold a candle to this one. You hit a home run on this one!!!!

Jacqueline Talos

sterling silver blue prosthetic eye sz 7

I want to thank you for the ring, I got it today and is perfection, so beautifully detailed and the eye is so incredible. Love it!, I will recommend you to everyone I know, your work is an art. Definitely I will buy again from your store. Thanks a lot!
Jacksonville, Fl

Mk Larrea

Turquoise Thunderbird Ring

I purchased a ring with a turquoise stone in a sterling silver setting with a thunderbird emblem on each side. I received it very promptly after I ordered it. But, because I'm new to buying rings, I specified a size that was way to big. Maggie, nevertheless, cheerfully offered to accept return of the ring and to transfer the stone to a newly cast setting of the proper size. I received that back from Freedom Jewelry promptly also. I absolutely LOVE the ring! I highly recommend Freedom Jewelry's work and their products,

Steve Porter

Saddle Ring

I purchased a silver saddle ring adorned with jade for the gentlemen in my life. The ring is so much more beautiful than the pictures. I am so pleased with my purchase and so is he.

Thelma Green

Lost and found...

This was an amazing transaction. I can't thank Maggie enough for her kindness and patience with me in getting this purchase made. I have already recommended Freedom Jewelry to a friend and I will to others. Thank you so much for a smooth, easy experience and the item was exactly as promised. Thank you so much again and again!

Tink Eury

Blue Eye Ring

I ordered a sterling silver ring with a blue prosthetic eye in the middle and I was extremely happy with my purchase! Not only did the ring look more beautiful in person than in pictures, but it also fit perfectly and arrived very quickly. It's a great unique piece of jewelry and I love everything about it.

Deanna Slattery

I've waited 37 years to get one...

When I was 9 years old a friend of my grandparents worked on the railroad and found one of these eye rings. It was the coolest thing i had ever seen. I looked and looked for one for years. Finally came across Maggie was great she let me pick the eye i wanted and had it whipped out and to me in a week. I cant believe how AWESOME my rings is. I've waited 37 years to get one, the only thing i regret is not ordering one sooner. Thanks Again Maggie!!!

Bill Farr


I love the finished piece it really is one in a million.

Maggie is a wonderful seller! Right from the outset I received a highly personalized service. We spoke about what I was looking for, she created a completely custom made ring for me at the size I needed. Even afterwards she was extremely helpful and made sure that I got the ring in good time. I love the finished piece it really is one in a million. I have been recommending all my friends to Freedom Jewelry!

Hema Rishi

I am the very proud owner of a fantastic piece of jewelry art.

I stumbled across Maggie's shop on Etsy and immediately commissioned a prosthetic eye ring. She was immediatly responsive, provided me photos of eye color options. I was kept informed of the progress and in the end, I am the very proud owner of a fantastic piece of jewelry art. What a great experience and I could not be more pleased. Thanks Maggie!

Laura Grubb

I am so beyond happy with my purchase of this ring...

I bought an opal rose ring at the end of 2011 and have loved the heck out of it since day 1. It just resently broke (justa small break in the band) so I contacted Maggie about it and she offered to fix and resize it for me for free! I am so beyond happy with my purchase of this ring and the customer service that I have gotten since I first purchased the ring! Thank you so so much for such an amazing ring and customer service

Felicia Rex

My gold eyeball ring is amazing!

Maggie, My gold eyeball ring is amazing and you pulled it off so quick. Your the best, Stephan Andwood

Stephan Andwood

It's even more beautiful than the original that I had owned for 35+ years.

After a very friendly conversation with Maggie she sent me photos of the colors she had in stock. I selected my favorite. She custom made the hands holding the eye ring in MY size. It's even more beautiful than the original that I had owned for 35+ years. Maggie is a superb artist and person.

George Morgan

Customer Satisfaction is 100% GUARENTEED.

Customer Satisfaction is 100% GUARENTEED.

I purchased a beautiful Native American Chief ring back in 2011- it means so much to me as my family is Native American. In my family, each family member has a family heirloom we wear along with a unique individual piece we have found. 2 weeks ago one of the turquoise stones fell out of my ring. I wrote to Maggie and she replied instantly; telling me to ship the ring back to her and she will not only replace the lost stone but reattach the other stone and polish it up. I was overwhelmed with joy!!! I will absolutely buy again from Maggie, her products are beautiful and her service is FANTASTIC.

Maggie you rock!!!

In Picture (Chief ring is on the index finger)

Samantha T.

The Eye ring is just what my Mother wanted.

Maggie is a pleasure to work with. The Eye ring is just what my Mother wanted. Going to purchase another Eye ring soon. Thanks Maggie for all your patience and help. Great Quality!!!

Janice Reisner

Amazing Design, Flawless Transaction

I love Maggie and keep coming back for dependable service and amazing products. Freedom USA all the way!

Leo Strand